Plastic Buckle Supplier, Taiwan

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Dyi Er Kang provides the best quality plastic buckle series including plastic side release buckles, plastic cam buckle, plastic D rings, tri rings, plastic snap hooks, small hook and ladder lock for manufacturer of handbag, backpack, schoolbag, belt buckle, stationery etc.


In 1991, as business showed strong growth and a much larger space was needed, we set up a new factory at Nankang Industrial Park, Nantou City, in central Taiwan. Now, we employ integrated operations covering plastic accessories, metal accessory product design, molding and product manufacturing. Production is automated and done in-house, reducing lead-time for orders, guaranteeing faster delivery.


If you are interested in our plastic buckles, please contact us!


Check our plastic buckles series:


  • Rectangle Ring
  • Roung D Ring
  • Tri Glide
  • Ladder Lock
  • Heavy Duty Ladder Lock
  • Tri Ring
  • Pentagon Ring
  • Plastic Buckle
  • Snap Hook
  • Revolving Snap Hook
  • Stud
  • Gord Lock
  • Plastic Cam Buckle
  • Powerful D-ring
  • Twist Lock
  • School Bag Buckle
  • Eyelet Ring
  • Safety Lock
  • Rain Shoes Snap
  • Jeans Button
  • Z-Shape Hanger
  • Solid D-Ring
  • Side Release Buckle
  • Side Release Buckle (Curve)
  • Plastic Side Release Buckle
  • Glove Hook With Tri-ring
  • Double Bar Ring
  • Sewable Loop
  • Eyelet
  • Small Hook
  • Small Snap Hooks
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Plastic Buckle Manufacturer

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Shin Fang plastic buckle manufacturer started designing & producing all kinds of plastic buckles. You can choose the appropriate style or pattern you need, or cooperate with Shin Fang to develop plastic side release buckle products of novel styles. Our standard and integrated operational flow process has passed ISO 9001: 2008, manufacturing the excellent plastic buckle products that conform to the clients’ demands. Our product line includes side release buckle and plastic buckles are made of a wide plastic material of POM, NYLON, PP, ABS, PVC, HYTREAL, TPR, and others. To customize buckle products, please contact with us.


We have had experiences for over 20 years on manufacturing plastic buckles for offering companies worldwide. We had successfully earned the trust and good feedbacks from customers. We also have accumulated a lot of experience and can provide immediate assistance to solve the problems occurred in product design and production process. Strict production flow and quality control system in the factory satisfy customers’ requirement. The sales department quickly response messages between two sides to meet shipping schedules or other special needs from customers.

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