Classification and Buying Tips of Power Amplifier

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An amplifier converts the signals of low energy into high energy of the same type.

The pa amplifier is a part of subwoofer speaker system. A pa amplifier fully enhances the sound quality and helps to provide a better sound experience. Amplifiers specifications are, signal gain, efficiency and output power. The amplifier power output is always measured in watts.

The stereo pa amplifier can easily handle volume peaks and speaker efficiency. The pa amplifier is seen as the one that produces loud sounds. The pa amplifiers take the incoming electrical signal and magnify it to a level where it drives a loudspeaker. These are classified based on following several classes.

Class A amplifiers: These can be operated at full power and used for low distortion and detailed music reproduction.

Class B amplifiers: can be operated only in the presence of incoming signal and are more energy efficient than Class A. The output power of Class B is usually switched off and on, these amps are subject to higher levels of distortion than Class A.

Class A/B amplifiers: The third category and are called transistor or the solid-state amplifiers and combine best characteristics of Class A and B amplifiers.

Class D amplifiers: These pa amplifiers are fully on or off. Such type of amplifiers process the incoming analog signals into digital form, which consists of high-frequency pulse wide modulations (PWM).

These can theoretically operate at 100 percent efficiency and use far less power than the traditional linear amplifiers.

Out of these classes the majority of amplifiers at present are based on technology called Class-D which can offer higher power efficiency than Class-A or Class-AB technology based amplifiers.

Whenever one plans to buy pa amplifiers, it is advisable to seek proper professional help from sound technicians. The most important point to be kept in mind is to know whether the loudspeakers are compatible to amplifiers. The power input should be in control otherwise it might create too much of complications in the music systems.


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Leading Manufacturer of PA Amplifier

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HYLEX’s PA amplifier products are hard-wearing and reliable because they have to be able to work without interruption in aggressive environments.

HYLEX has a wide range of mono PA amplifier (Public Address Amplifier) models from 10 watts to 300 watts, we can offer most suitable Public address amplifier model depending on the size of audio broadcasting environment or area.

With the innovation, our new designed of Interchangeable PA amplifier system combines different purposes of previous amplifier models. In which only consist of power amplifiers are the standard models among the PA series. However, people with different demands have several selections which can fit their requirements by choosing different models from these PA amplifier series.
The exceptional price / performance ratio of this PA amplifier series is very competitive that made it popular with users.


PA Amplier Products:


PA-625 Conference & PA Integrated Amplifier

PA-625 Conference & PA Integrated Amplifier


PA-625/DPL Conference & PA Integrated Amplifier

PA-625/DPL Conference & PA Integrated Amplifier


PA-615 Integrated Amplifier

PA-615 Integrated Amplifier


PA-615/DPL/REC Integrated Amplifier

PA-615/DPL/REC Integrated Amplifier


==Company Profile==

HYLEX was established in 1981, is a manufacturer of professional audio amplifiers & wireless. We have continuing grown under President and General Manager’s 20 years management experience.

We manufacture the highest quality public address amplifier system, Karaoke amplifier system, UHF wireless Portable Sound system.

Factory is strategically located in the heart of the Taichung city minutes away from airport, train and bus stations and freeway exit.

The total area of factory is 3,000 sq. meters production and office facility, this facility currently houses 60 staffs and an array of the most advanced production equipment; also our management continually huge invests for quality control.

The cornerstone of HYLEX’s success has always been a commitment to quality, only the best quality components and materials are used and as confirmation of this commitment.

Every amplifier & wireless unit is calibrated and tested as individual components and as a complete system to ensure reliable performance.

HYLEX is not only a manufacturer; we also boast a highly qualified team of design engineers to fulfill our design philosophy “Sound Acoustic Design” which combines technical excellence with subjective acoustic experience.

Our engineer team also dedicated to technological innovation and has invested heavily in research and development in order to keep pace with international amplifier & wireless audio technology.

Our management continually huge invests for new products development every year. At the moment we have experienced R & D group, also we are seeking more R & D staff.

With more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of sound & wireless system, HYLEX is proud to introduce a new product line of multi-function, multi-purpose & all-in-one Portable wireless sound system with a wide range from 40 Watts compact portable sound system of PA-520i series to 50 & 60 Watts PA-821P & 8416 Portable Public Address System.

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Leading PA Amplifier Supplier – Hylex

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Founded in 1981, Hylex Electronics Co., Ltd is a audio amplifier & wireless manufacturer which mainly specializing in PA amplifier and amplifier accessories. HYLEX has a wide range of mono PA amplifier models from 10 watts to 300 watts which are suitable to most of uses. Stick to high quality to the products are the central idea of our company purpose, we insist to satisfy all of our clients’ needs.
If you need more information about Hylex PA amplifier series or other products, welcome to visit our official website. Please feel free to contact us or you can send inquiry by some simple steps. It’s our pleasure to introduce our products to you. We believe that Hylex is your best choice!

PA amplifier

PA amplifier – Hylex

Hylex Electronic Co., Ltd.

No. 26, Ta-Ho St., Taichung City, Taiwan
Tel: +886-4-23110606
Fax: +886-4-23110505
E-mail: services@hylex.com

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