Affordable Way to Pack Oils

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Seals are vital in packaging. These are significant which take care of the packed products. They feed the drawbacks that are faced in packaging. Leakage and entry of fluids or dirt can be prevented in the packed item.

In our daily routine, we use many products which are properly packed for safety and security. Packaging plays major part when its about loading liquids and fluids. Oil seals are effective in acting as barrier which not only prevent the inner item from spilling but also obstruct external dirt from getting indulged into the packed item.

Hydraulic oil seals maintain high pressure in the packed material. Hydraulic oil seals are fabricated for reciprocating motion and the common applications. Construction of these seals decides their types also forming basis of the applications.

Peeping into the oil seal environment, consisting a shaft that rotate inside a housing or bore. Friction results in some clearance which is between the shaft and the bore. This seal restrict the movement of liquid from coming outside the shaft and housing. Sealing element, the metal case and the spring are the three basic components of the oil seal.

O-rings are also known for packing which being mechanical gasket and shaped like that of torus. O-ring can be used in static applications or also in dynamic applications where the relative motion is present. Rotating pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder pistons are the common usage of dynamic applications. These rings are simplest yet highly engineered with precise dimension and designing.

Square- Rings are designed to meet various applications. These rings are capable of meeting industrial and military specifications. Square-rings are made calculating mechanical stress of the contacting surfaces. These seals can capture high pressure and also do not fail mechanically.

Packaging of bottles, jars and tubes take place aiding screw-Cap, another type of closure. This type of closure is screwed on and off on the container. Container threads or lugs can be brought into the applications. Effective sealing which is engineered with cost effectiveness, the sealing is easy to open.

Wine industry uses screw cap and it has gained immense support over cork for sealing wine bottles. Screw cap can be screwed onto the threads of the neck of a bottle.

Sealing not only save packed items from leaking and getting dirty but genuineness can also be checked. It also denotes that the item is not used and is original. Manufacturing industry has been advantageous with the applications of sealing. The packed material can also be saved from getting spoiled or wasted when safely sealed with different types of seal.

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Oil Seal Tooling

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ASA is unique in the oil seal industry in that ASA produces its own oil seal tooling. ASA has had more than 10 years of experiences in designing and producing oil seal tooling. In 1994 ASA purchased a new state of the art CNC tool production machine. ASA produces oil seal tooling from OD 12 mm to OD 300 mm, depending on the type of oil seals required. ASA likes new challenges, so your R&D tooling projects are welcome.

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Bellows are the history of ASA:

  • In 1988, ASA Company was established.
  • In 1992, ASA created its own trademark ASA, and sold ASA products to the world market.
  • In 1997, ASA adopted the famous Japanese 5S system designed to optimize factory efficiency and quality.
  • In 1999, ASA re-built and expanded its factory.
  • In 2000, all the machines used in the factory became vacuum compression machines. By using this kind of machine, ASA reduces defective rates and increase production efficiency.
  • In 2001, ASA was approved by UKAS, U.K. to be an ISO 9001 company with the international quality guarantee system.
  • Products: oil seals, and all kinds of rubber parts
  • Applications: automobile, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, trucks, buses, trailers, exercise equipment etc.
  • Markets: Taiwan, Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Middle East etc.



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