Guiding Public to Safety with LED Warning Lights

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Having multifunctional warning lights can really make a difference to security personnel trying to control the situation and for public near the emergency zones. Emergency lighting can help the security personnel in many ways to direct the public, keep themselves safe and work on the emergency situation. The use of LED bulbs has made it possible for the LED warning lights to last longer without having the risk of burning out, or draining the batteries. They are also available in a number of colors, which works well in communicating the emergency situation to public.


The most common combination of LED warning lights that we see every day is the blue and red on cop cars. Apart from these colors, there are green, yellow, white and amber colors that are used in emergency vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances, construction vehicles and towing trucks. Emergency vehicles are not the only ones that have the need for warning lights. The personal vehicles that belong to emergency response team volunteers also need to be equipped with emergency lighting when they are responding to emergency situations. They are not allowed to have permanent fixtures of warning lights on their cars, but they can carry the lights and fix them when they have to navigate through heavy traffic zones, to the emergency zones. Green lights are used to request the right of way when navigating through heavy traffic zones, while red and other colors demand the right of way and are used by high-profile emergency vehicles.


Warning lights have strict regulations regarding the use of them in public because LED lights emit high intensity light beams which can have adverse effective on people with sensitive vision. Use of certain colors too varies from country to country and state to state in USA. Having LED warning light that can be stored is a great idea, since it gives the freedom to the security personnel to use depending upon the need of the hour. More sophisticated options like full-sized light bars are also of great use when it comes to dealing with the heavy traffic in emergency areas. Light bars come with in-built traffic advisers, which can have different shapes like arrows in discernible flashing patterns. They can direct the traffic in definite diversions that can suit the emergency situation, and help the emergency response teams to work better without confusion. Light bars need to be permanently fixed onto the roofs of the vehicles, but they are suitable for unmarked vehicles as well. Unmarked vehicles can have them mounted on the grill which is hidden under the roof of the vehicle. When in need grill rises to the surface and emergency lights can be used.


LED warning lights are available in the form of dash lights and deck lights as well. Dash lights can be mounted on the rear and front of the vehicles, which increases the visibility in the emergency zone. Dash lights and deck lights can also be used as hand-held lights when the security personnel need to survey the emergency zone on foot. They are worthy additions to every emergency vehicle, to help them be safe in roads and to guide the public to safety.


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LED Warning Lights – Reliable and Energy Efficient

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Inadequate street lights or those present on police areas pose a risk for not only an average citizen but also the police. In the past, lack of proper lighting had given birth to several accidents and criminal activities that could simply be avoided with better lights. However, the advent of LED warning lights has allowed police officials to become more visible to the general public as well as to criminals, hence reducing accidents and crimes.

Longer Reaction Time for Drivers

A recent survey has proven that such police warning lights have made troopers more visible to passing motorists than ever before. When placed on police cars as a replacement to the traditional red revolving incandescent, the LED warning light allows police cars to be seen whether its day or night. Due to their brightness, these lights are also visible in rain, fog and snow. The survey also revealed that the biggest advantage seen is that it gives other people more time to react since they can see these police warning illumination from a distance.

Energy Efficient

Besides giving drivers more time to respond to an accident or a crime scene, LED warning lights have proven to be more energy efficient than traditional red revolving lights. Before the advent of these new signs, the incandescent lights used to consume the car’s battery within a couple of hours. The new lights allow the car’s battery to last longer, allowing the police cars to simultaneously use computers, cameras and other electronic equipment installed in their cars.

Different Kinds of Warning Lights

Whether it’s a radio silence light or a Do Not Open Door light, police lights are capable to work well in every situation. The radio silence light is fitted with an array of ultra-brightness 12v LED matrixes that ensure maximum safety, flexibility and quality. Moreover, their slim design allows them to be mounted on a wall or door. On the other hand, a ‘Do Not Open Door’ light indicates that the door is closed at the moment for some reason and should not be opened until the sign is turned off. The flexibility offered by such warning lights allows police departments flexibility as they carry out a number of operations.

Police warning lights are making a big difference for security officials across a number of countries, who have begun to see the benefits and are increasingly replacing the traditional lights with the new ones.

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