Knitting With Bamboo Yarn – It’s Hip to Stitch!

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Knitting evokes the image of little old ladies sitting around their nursing home in rocking chairs stitching together scarves and blankets and sweaters for all their grandkiddies. But knitting is not just for grandmas anymore! After suffering a downturn in popularity in the 80s when efficiency and modernity were all the rage, knitting is steadily becoming a popular and favorite hobby of young women again. While people no longer need to knit their own clothing from necessity, they are choosing to use knitting as a creative expression and art form of its own. In fact, in 2004, a survey by the Craft Yarn Council found that the number of women ages 25 to 34 who knit had increased an astounding 150 percent since 2002.

Much of the reason for the surge in popularity is the wide-spread availability of unique fabrics to use, including the strong, flexible and lustrous bamboo yarn.

There are many reasons to choose yarn made from bamboo to create with:

* Bamboo yarn can hold up to 3x its weight in water making it an excellent wicking material for summer clothing.

* Yarn made from bamboo is also thermo-regulating so not only will it work to keep you cool in summer, it will work just as hard to keep you warm in winter.

* It is hypoallergenic, making it ideal to use for baby items or for anyone with sensitive skin.

* Bamboo yarns offer UV properties when used in garments.

* It is extremely soft and comfortable against the skin

* Bamboo yarn is totally plant derived so it’s suitable for vegans who don’t want to wear animal fibers

* If using 100% pure bamboo yarn, it is biodegradable.

There are hundreds of things to make using yarn made from bamboo, including a Bamboo Bambino Sweater, Cabled Bamboozle Mitts, a Summertime Lace Shawl and even Bamboo Socks! To make it a truly Bamboo creation, consider using Bamboo Knitting Needles. Durable and smooth on the fabric, these needles only require a light sanding to maintain their surface.

Douglas Michaels Jr. writes educational articles for Green Earth News, the authority on everything Bamboo. For more information on Bamboo Knitting [http://blog.greenearthbamboo.com/20100226/bamboo-fabric/knitting-with-bamboo-yarn-its-hip-to-stitch/]. Check out Green Earth Bamboo for bamboo sheets, bath towels, duvet covers, clothing and baby products, all made from the world’s most sustainable and renewable resource on the planet.

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Bamboo Yarn’s Many Popular Uses

On August 10, 2015, in Other, by Lambert

Bamboo yarn knitting is one of the preferred time pass activities for many people. This gives them the option to personally make a gift and gift to someone, so that the significance of such a gift increases many a fold.

Creating bamboo yarn is not as complicated as it may seem like. The process consists of creating a pulp out of the bamboo shoots which is then mixed with its fibers to create the yarn. The result is one of the softest yarns available to knit in the market. These yarns incorporate the same characteristics of bamboo tree- which is apparent in their strength. This makes it even more suitable for sewing purposes.

Additionally, these yarns are also naturally antibacterial, which means you do not have to take extra measures and the yarn would fight odors on its own. This is a good thing not only for hygienic purposes but also to use the thread for making something like a scarf or some gloves than a t-shirt.

The bamboo yarn has been rising in popularity for a number of reasons, and it also being a green plant is certainly one of such main reasons. Keeping this eco-friendly nature in mind, a lot of people tend to get it colored in green color. This also means that the product stays biodegradable so you may dispose it off easily and safely whenever you like. Compare it with so many harmful and even toxic materials being used these days.

The bamboo yarn is surprisingly soft, and in complete contrast to the way a bamboo tree is- rough and harsh. Another worthwhile feature of the yarn is its natural ultra violet light protection ability. Wearing something made up of bamboo means you are naturally protected from the harsh sunrays. Some people have the misconception that bamboo clothing is not suitable to wear in hot areas. However, the reality is completely opposite as the material is very light and breathable; thereby making it extremely comfortable to wear in hot temperature zones.

Most first time wearers are more often than not surprised at how light, soft and good the bamboo yarn really is. Just pick a color and design of your choice and start weaving, as trying them first hand is the best way to experience its qualities. Get set to leave your friend or family surprised after you tell them that your new scarf or bandana is actually made up of bamboo yarns!

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