LCD Video Wall Systems for Modern Control Rooms

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The best display technologies of only 10 years ago are considered primitive by today’s standards. They were a poor return on investment because they were expensive and added little to the control room’s comparative ability to manage critical information. Expensive large format front and rear projectors were the primary choice. They were undependable, relatively low resolution, and required expensive maintenance contracts because they rarely had redundancy when a projection lamp failed. Then you add expensive, bulky hard-wire switchers to bring signals to the projectors and you still don’t have the capabilities of today’s most basic LCD video wall driven by a computerized controller. In fact, much of what was considered state of the art at the time was just “eye candy”; it looked good, but did little to advance the performance of the people using it.


What is considered a modern video wall system?

It employs a matrix of displays driven by a sophisticated computer that allows the operator to acquire and display more information faster than with older methods. This also means faster and better decision making. These are the type display systems that do much more than merely connect a switch between computers and individual displays mounted to the wall. These systems allow you to reach out on the data network and bring in an almost unlimited number of sources to the video wall, and as the network grows, it is unaffected except to say that more screen surface could be needed to display more information than before.


The growing popularity of LCD video wall systems

These are now more popular because they meet most performance requirements, require less investment and occupy the least amount of floor space. In fact they can be mounted on the wall taking up only 4-6″ in depth. These high resolution displays form a matrix or single pallet. Each display’s ultra-thin bezel is designed to minimize distraction when enlarging images across multiple displays.


These are relatively easy to install and require little maintenance or adjustment. They are rarely repaired because it’s easier and faster to replace than repair, however the typical industrial LCD display will run dependably for thousands of hours.


I should point out that these systems perform the same as video walls with other type displays because it’s the video wall controller, or brain of the system that acquires and displays what is shown on the video wall. The video controller (processor) doesn’t see the number of displays, or the type or size of displays. The controller sees the matrix of displays as a single display allowing the images to be easily placed and sized anywhere on the overall screen surface.


There are two types of LCD video wall used in control rooms; wall mounted or freestanding cabinet. Wall mounted systems require that the wall be reinforced and cannot be installed or easily relocated like a 12″ deep cabinet. The cabinet is modular and stores all supporting electronics in the base and as a result, can be easily expanded and relocated as requirements change.


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Custom Made LCD Monitor Stands

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The needs of various industrial sectors ought to be fulfilled with creativity and advancement. Indeed, technology is really essential nowadays our world is unimaginable without it. It would be extremely tough for individuals to find an office in this age without even a single computer with a monitor. To add to that, folks are now so good at multi-tasking that they have to have many monitors to simultaneously view data. These screens are usually attached on several LCD monitor arms.

The extensive usage of multiple LCD screens has led countless company owners and executives to request custom-made LCD monitor stand products. Today, many organisations can fulfill that need, making this a very competitive market. The healthcare market, government departments, and security areas of properties are merely a number of the markets where a custom-made triple or dual monitor mount is necessary for daily tasks.

Inside the security sections of business office buildings, for instance, it is possible to come across security personnel viewing tenant and visitor activity inside it. If it’s a huge property, then you’ll most likely come across 4 or more LCD screens attached to a couple of LCD monitor arms. These types of inventions allow it to be a breeze for security personnel to view and observe people’s actions within a building.

An LCD monitor stand is usually very beneficial to healthcare workers worldwide. An LCD screen can be attached to a dual monitor mount (which can be either put into a vertical or horizontal position) that is securely fixed to LCD monitor arm. These screens are valuable in the medical industry because they’re used during surgical treatment or in laboratories.

These custom-made mounts are not only designed for the work place, though. People can have fun with them, too. Gaming fans can now enjoy viewing several displays simultaneously and keep track of what their buddies are doing during an online game. These LCD mounts could be turned several degrees upward or downward depending on anyone’s viewing needs. These can also be fitted by just about anybody due to the fact an LCD monitor stand was created to be assembled without having to use a variety of tools.

An LCD monitor stand can have a number of LCD monitor arms. Some are designed as a dual monitor mount, and some can accommodate 3 or 4 LCD screens at one time. Clients can indicate to manufacturers if they would like these arms positioned horizontally or vertically according to their needs. High-grade monitor stands have quick release pivot mechanisms in order that owners or workers may easily mount or dismount an LCD screen from it.

Special consideration is also directed at the design which will adhere to ergonomic standards. An LCD monitor stand can be realigned according to the height of the people who’ll use the monitors. This can help people get a better view on the task at hand and decreases strain on the upper body.

Company owners, facility supervisors, and people in various fields can ask a manufacturer to make these products based on their demands and industry. Though one size will not fit all, an LCD monitor stand could be custom-made so that maximum efficiency will be achieved.

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Jaunty-Fabricator Server Rack Manufacturer

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Jaunty-Fabricator was established in 1999 as a computer server rack manufacturer and supplier. The products line are including all types of server rack, rack mount case, internet KIOSK, informational KIOSKs, touch screen KIOSK, LCD KVM and more related products. The company depended on its experienced and hard-working staff to outgrow the initial problems, and has grown into a profssional leader in the IPC field. All of our products are under strictly quality control before they be sent to clients. If you want to know more about us, please browse our website!

Jaunty-Fabricator Ent. Ind. Co. Ltd
No. 8, Lane 8 Cheng-Tai Road, Section 1.Wugu Shiang Taipei Taiwan 248
Email: julise@ms36.hinet.net
Tel: (886 2) 22960531
Fax: (886 2) 22960532

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