Distance No More A Problem With An HDMI Extender

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HDTV is available today in all shapes and sizes. If not the HDTV screen then the project, but in all the cases the general trend is to move from standard definition to high definition. With increasing popularity come issues with cable length and picture quality. HDMI extender is ideal for such situations.

HD experience has a lot to do with the bandwidth and the strength of the signal. Since HD pictures are larger than standard definition ones, they need higher bandwidth. Now with CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6 and fiber cables the bandwidth issue has been well tackled by the industry.

The next challenge is the signal strength. Typically for short distances the standard HDMI cable works well. However now the HDTV is entering conference rooms, public displays and other places. The typical characteristics of these areas is that the display screen can be pretty far from the actual video source.

The increased distance means that the signal attenuates more before reaching the HD screen. When this happens you really do not get the true HD display. The best solution for this is to use the Extender. This is more like a signal booster that can bring back the signal levels to the source level and this way the screen gets a better signal to display.

The HDMI extenders as the name suggests need to support various media on which HD signals are transmitted today. Hence most common extenders would support CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 cables for indoor and domestic usage. The more professional ones also support single mode and multi-mode fibre ports too.

While these can be used for HD signals they will also support SD signals too and both these are transmitted over the same media. The only difference while you are planning the network layout is to look at the picture resolution. The 480p pictures can be extended much longer than the 1080p pictures. So the extender usage really depends on what kind of signal are you transmitting.

In short, HDMI extender can really make your life easy and help you display HD picture and videos on any screen at any distance from the source. This is what really makes this unit a great buy for commercial broadcast displays. Depending on where you want to place this extender you need to trade-off between the size and durability of the box with its price. But whatever you choose you are assured of great pictures and videos all the time.

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Professional developers of KVM products – Beacon & Rextron

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Rextron International Inc is now one of the leading suppliers of KVM Switches in the world. As a global brand Rextron has infiltrated markets in Europe, North America, Japan, China and many countries in the world. Rextron has steadily and consistently provided a unique, precise, and compatible series of KVM Switches to cover a wide range of customer bases. We deal with many OEM/ODM clients and new businesses, and offers increased flexibility regarding specific customer demands.


KVM Extender Series

Rextron offers various KVM extender products including KVM VGA over CAT5, DVI KVM over CAT5, KVM HDMI over Fiber and more related series. We focus on quality control, after-sales service, and innovations to keep ahead in the KVM extender industry worldwide.


VGA Extender Series

Rextron, a leading manufacturer of VGA extenders, has more than 15 years of experiences specializing in VGA extender series. With different usage, we provide individual products to fit every need. Our VGA extenders are easy to get and install the CATx cable at lower cost and the wall-mount design for space-saving and easy installation.


DVI Extender Series

Rextron provides short haul DVI extender with EDID copy function, with EDID Copy/ Emulation function and DVI extender over CAT5 with serial external function. The CAT5 Video Extender has been common used in applications that require greater distance, high speed transmission, real-time high video resolution, security, and noise immunity.



Beacon Extender Inc. develops CAT5 KVM Switches and Audio/Video distribution system for Digital Signage market. Beacon is one of the founding members of the Network Consortium of Taiwan, and has also been the recipient of a number of coveted awards, including the National Award for Excellence in Software presented by Taiwan’s President Lee Teng-Hui in December of 1995. Our main products include KVM Switches and Extenders, AV and Digital Signage, Computer Based Training, Digital Language Lab, and Hard Drive Protection.


HDMI Extender Series

Beacon HDMI Extender was divided into three main classification by different specification, including HDMI Over Cat6 series, HDMI Over Ethernet PHY and HDMI Over Optical Fiber. All of our HDMI Extenders are east to install, no additional software installation is required, also, HDMI Extender can supports PC resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 and widely supports HD from 480i to 1080p.


VGA KVM Extender Series

With years of experiences, Beacon provides you only the high quality products. Our VGA KVM extenders are divided with different specification and can be widely utilized. Also, KVM extenders are able to consist from single PC to single access, dual access and multiple access.

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