What Is a Proximity Reader?

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If you are in the process of updating your home’s or business’s security system or if you never had such a system and you are planning to invest in one, there are probably a lot of industry terms you don’t understand very well. That is why, in this article, we are going to talk about two important parts of any security access system, the proximity card and the proximity reader.


Proximity cards, also referred to as prox cards, are different than the magnetic stripe cards, because they do not need to be inserted into the reader device to grant access in the secured area. We say “grant access” because the majority of proximity cards and proximity readers are used as a part of home or business security system. Other uses include library cards, contactless payment systems or in public transit fare. Proximity cards are practical due to the fact that they can easily be read through a wallet or a purse.


There are two main types of proximity cards: passive and active. Passive prox cards have a limited range and are widely used to grant access in office buildings. Active cards, also called vicinity cards, have a greater range (150 meters), due to the fact that they use and internal lithium battery. They can be used to easily access courtyards from inside of a vehicle or from automated toll collection.


Now, in case you were wondering “What is a Proximity Reader?” they are devices that can store details about the identity of the cards holders, granting them access to otherwise restricted areas. This system is similar to the “chip and PIN” bank cards, with the difference that the proximity reader grants access using radio frequencies and does not need actual insertion of the card. Also, they offer more security to their holders, due to the fact that they are harder to copy. Another great advantage of these readers is the fact that they are quite sturdy and do not need any maintenance.


Another term you might encounter when browsing for this type of access system in “Contactless Smart Card”, which is basically the same thing, with the difference that they use advanced methods of data encryption and authentication, meaning that they offer a higher level of security. Besides this general information, there are various technologies that are used in the manufacture of proximity cards and readers.


If you are planning to invest in such a system, you must know that the prices are very different from one product to another. For example, the price for a single card ranges from $2 to $200, while for the proximity reader you can pay from $100 to $400.


Before making any purchase, we advise you to ask the advice of an experienced security technician, just to make sure that you choose the right system for your needs. The good news is that the majority of shops, even online ones, have an assistant which can help you make the right decision.


Pongee Industries Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of proximity reader. If you are looking for the best proximity reader, don’t miss Pongee’s website, we can offer clients kinds of high quality products. Contact with Pongee to obtain further product information!



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About Electromagnet Lock

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An Electromagnet (EM) Lock is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. There are four main types: U-bracket for glass door without frame, L-bracket for a narrow door frame, LZ-bracket for in-swing door and the regular installation lock.


How It Works

The concepts of electromagnetism apply here. When energized, a current passes through the electromagnet and attracts the armature plate with such a force that it shuts down the door. When both the plates attach with each other, they are literally inseparable unless made to do so using the valid key. That valid key is what is called the switch meaning the tool that can break the strong magnetic field.


An Electromagnetic manufacturer has to ensure that wiring inside the plates is done with no fault. Electromagnets have a high attracting power because of a high flux density created by the magnetic field of the coil inside the device. This is because of the solenoid wire inside.


And this is the precise reason why use of such a device is a safe option.



EM locks installation should always be done on the inside (the secure side). Most installations are surface mounted. For safety reasons, cables and wires should be inserted in the door.


Installation is quite easy but there are different methods of installation for different types for e.g. the installations of a U-bracket would be different from that of an L-bracket lock.



  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Huge magnetic holding force (safe)
  • Very suitable for emergency and fire exits
  • Quick to operate



  • Requires a power source continuously
  • Can be disconnected in the event of a power outage disabling security
  • Expensive compared to the mechanical locks



An EM lock is categorized as a “fail-safe” and “fail-secure” device.


With fail-safe, when power is lost from the device, the lock automatically de-energizes and releases allowing free access. Whereas in fail-secure, power loss is not a concern as it remains intact.


Hence, a fail-secure device is your best friend in a panic room situation (for thieves and burglars) as it won’t open without electricity and a key, while a fail-safe device is useful in an emergency situation (in case of fire).



In modern times the use of such devices are on a rise which is an excellent tool in the field of security. Compared to its mechanical counterpart, it sure bags points for being a safer option. However, the most important aspect of the device is its dependence on power. How the future can help in resolving this issue remains to be seen!


If you are looking for quality electromagnetic locks, then you are in the right place! Pongee has specialized in series of auto identification systems and related accessories since 1987, we manufacture only the best products. The EM locks (Electromagnetic locks) are designed with different holding force electromagnetic and magnetic lock. To see more specification about our EM lock series, please browse the product introductions and feel free to contact Pongee!



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Classification and Buying Tips of Power Amplifier

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An amplifier converts the signals of low energy into high energy of the same type.

The pa amplifier is a part of subwoofer speaker system. A pa amplifier fully enhances the sound quality and helps to provide a better sound experience. Amplifiers specifications are, signal gain, efficiency and output power. The amplifier power output is always measured in watts.

The stereo pa amplifier can easily handle volume peaks and speaker efficiency. The pa amplifier is seen as the one that produces loud sounds. The pa amplifiers take the incoming electrical signal and magnify it to a level where it drives a loudspeaker. These are classified based on following several classes.

Class A amplifiers: These can be operated at full power and used for low distortion and detailed music reproduction.

Class B amplifiers: can be operated only in the presence of incoming signal and are more energy efficient than Class A. The output power of Class B is usually switched off and on, these amps are subject to higher levels of distortion than Class A.

Class A/B amplifiers: The third category and are called transistor or the solid-state amplifiers and combine best characteristics of Class A and B amplifiers.

Class D amplifiers: These pa amplifiers are fully on or off. Such type of amplifiers process the incoming analog signals into digital form, which consists of high-frequency pulse wide modulations (PWM).

These can theoretically operate at 100 percent efficiency and use far less power than the traditional linear amplifiers.

Out of these classes the majority of amplifiers at present are based on technology called Class-D which can offer higher power efficiency than Class-A or Class-AB technology based amplifiers.

Whenever one plans to buy pa amplifiers, it is advisable to seek proper professional help from sound technicians. The most important point to be kept in mind is to know whether the loudspeakers are compatible to amplifiers. The power input should be in control otherwise it might create too much of complications in the music systems.


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Electric Steamers and Benefits

On October 26, 2015, in Electronic Goods, by Lambert

One of the easiest to use and versatile appliances in the kitchen is an electric steamer. You can find electric steamers under other names such as rice cookers and food steamers. Either way using a steamer to steam vegetables or your rice is a great and easy way to prepare delicious meals.

When cooking vegetables in a traditional way, in a pan on a stove, you can sometimes end up with mushy and pale Looking vegetables. Often the water you cook the vegetables in carries more nutritional value than the actual vegetables you have cooked. The water absorbs all the vitamins and minerals that the vegetable is known to carry. When cooking such vegetables with a pan on the stove, we tend to overcook them until they are pale and soft in texture. If you use a steamer to cook your vegetables it will prevent overcooking from taking place. Using an electric steamer, water is evaporated through a valve, leaving you with beautifully cooked, nutritious and succulent vegetables.

Cooking rice perfectly is a skill in its own right and a difficult one to master that! It’s not uncommon to get impatient while waiting for the rice to be cooked properly and completely tender when using traditional methods. Sometimes you can even scorch the bottom of the pot and give the rice a burnt taste. Using an electric steamer to cook rice means you cook it to perfection every time because most of them come with built-in timers. Everything is taken care of for you leaving you with delicious, tender rice.

You may be surprised to know that it is possible to cook a whole meal in one of these electric steamers. This proves to be a time saving practice because you can put all the ingredients in at once and cook them together using the inbuilt timer means you can sit back and relax.

Sometimes you can end up purchasing large electric steamers if it suits your family life better. These steamers often come with baskets which keep foods separate. This means you are able to cook more than one food at the same time. Electric steamers are incredibly practical and healthy to use and I’m sure the more you use your electric steamer to more uses you will find for it.

If you are interested in purchasing an electric steamer, why not have a look around for some cookbooks which are designed give you some imaginative and creative ways to cook delicious, succulent, and healthy food. A good place to start is Amazon.com as there are many books available very cheaply there. Alternatively you also many websites dedicated to the subject.

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Useful Tips To Buy And Use Digital Clamp Meters

On December 12, 2014, in Electronic Goods, by Lambert

A clamp meter is a device which is employed to measure the value of electric current flowing through a conductor or circuit. The analog versions of these devices have been in use for many years. However, the digital meters are fast gaining attention due to many advantages they offer.

Digital clamp meters are convenient to use and offer more accurate readings as compared to their analog counterparts. Most importantly, these devices are extremely safe to use as they measure current without making contact with wires. Low maintenance and long life are other advantages worth mentioning. The rest of the discussion discusses the tips to purchase and use the most suitable of these devices.

There are many models of clamp meter available in the market these days. Manufacturers from all parts of the world design them with different features and functions. The first thing to decide is whether to choose a single-purpose or multi-purpose device. Multipurpose clamp meters are designed to measure voltage and resistance in addition to the electric current.

The buyers may like to choose among the indoor or outdoor current measuring meters. While some of the models work for both the purposes, others may either work indoors or outdoors. The display of digital meters should also be checked to ensure that the readings can be read conveniently. Though, the LCD displays of these digital devices are admired for offering crystal clear views.

The type of current that a clamp meter measures is another important factor. Some of them measure AC, while others measure DC. There are models that are designed for the dual purpose. The range for which the device can measure the current value should also be of concern. Considering all functions and features of different devices can help in better comparison and selections of the best kind of device.

A digital clamp meter is quite easy and safe to use. However, the first-time users should learn some good tips to make the best use of these devices. First of all, it is advised to switch off the current while putting the clamp around the wire whose electric current value is to be measured. The user must learn the instructions to use different buttons and functions of these devices while purchasing them or from an expert later. The next step would be to set the type of current and range within which the reading is to be recorded.

Finally, switch on the power and note down the reading that the device shows. Some fluctuations may occur and the user must wait for the reading to get stable. Once the reading is noted, the power should be switched off and the clamp meter should be removed.

Clamp meters are of great use for the electricians as well as the homeowners. These devices can help in keeping the expensive appliances safe against damage. Something like a digital clamp meter is an extremely handy and portable device that can be used to frequently measure the values of the current.

Anamika Swami has wide knowledge of B2B Marketplace and Business industries. Get latest updates on digital clamp meter which are of great demand in B2B space. You can find more free information about material handling equipment at Dir.indiaMART.com

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Do you know what Electromagnetic Lock is?

On December 10, 2014, in Electronic Goods, by Lambert

An electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, or maglock is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. There are two main types of electric locking devices. Locking devices can be either “fail safe” or “fail secure”. A fail-secure locking device remains locked when power is lost. Fail-safe locking devices are unlocked when de-energized. Direct pull electromagnetic locks are inherently fail-safe. Typically the electromagnet portion of the lock is attached to the door frame and a mating armature plate is attached to the door. The two components are in contact when the door is closed. When the electromagnet is energized, a current passing through the electromagnet creates a magnetic flux that causes the armature plate to attract to the electromagnet, creating a locking action. Because the mating area of the electromagnet and armature is relatively large, the force created by the magnetic flux is strong enough to keep the door locked even under stress.

Typical single door electromagnetic locks are offered in both 600 lbs. and 1200 lbs. dynamic holding force capacities. A “fail safe” magnetic lock requires power to remain locked and typically not suitable for high security applications because it is possible to disable the lock by disrupting the power supply. Despite this, by adding a magnetic bond sensor to the lock and by using a power supply that includes a battery backup capability, some specialized higher security applications can be implemented. Electromagnetic locks are well suited for use on emergency exit doors that have fire safety applications because they have no moving parts and are therefore less likely to fail than other types of electric locks, such as electric strikes.

The strength of today’s magnetic locks compares well with that of conventional door locks and they cost less than conventional light bulbs to operate. There are additional pieces of release hardware installed in a typical electromagnetic locking system. Since electromagnetic locks do not interact with levers or door knobs on a door, typically a separate release button that cuts the lock power supply is mounted near the door. This button usually has a timer that, once the button is pressed, keeps the lock unlocked for either 15 or 30 seconds in accordance with NFPA fire codes. Additionally a second release is required by fire code. Either a motion sensor or crash bar with internal switch is used to unlock to door on the egress side of the door

Sourced: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_lock

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Leading Manufacturer of PA Amplifier

On April 17, 2014, in Electronic Goods, by Lambert

HYLEX’s PA amplifier products are hard-wearing and reliable because they have to be able to work without interruption in aggressive environments.

HYLEX has a wide range of mono PA amplifier (Public Address Amplifier) models from 10 watts to 300 watts, we can offer most suitable Public address amplifier model depending on the size of audio broadcasting environment or area.

With the innovation, our new designed of Interchangeable PA amplifier system combines different purposes of previous amplifier models. In which only consist of power amplifiers are the standard models among the PA series. However, people with different demands have several selections which can fit their requirements by choosing different models from these PA amplifier series.
The exceptional price / performance ratio of this PA amplifier series is very competitive that made it popular with users.


PA Amplier Products:


PA-625 Conference & PA Integrated Amplifier

PA-625 Conference & PA Integrated Amplifier


PA-625/DPL Conference & PA Integrated Amplifier

PA-625/DPL Conference & PA Integrated Amplifier


PA-615 Integrated Amplifier

PA-615 Integrated Amplifier


PA-615/DPL/REC Integrated Amplifier

PA-615/DPL/REC Integrated Amplifier


==Company Profile==

HYLEX was established in 1981, is a manufacturer of professional audio amplifiers & wireless. We have continuing grown under President and General Manager’s 20 years management experience.

We manufacture the highest quality public address amplifier system, Karaoke amplifier system, UHF wireless Portable Sound system.

Factory is strategically located in the heart of the Taichung city minutes away from airport, train and bus stations and freeway exit.

The total area of factory is 3,000 sq. meters production and office facility, this facility currently houses 60 staffs and an array of the most advanced production equipment; also our management continually huge invests for quality control.

The cornerstone of HYLEX’s success has always been a commitment to quality, only the best quality components and materials are used and as confirmation of this commitment.

Every amplifier & wireless unit is calibrated and tested as individual components and as a complete system to ensure reliable performance.

HYLEX is not only a manufacturer; we also boast a highly qualified team of design engineers to fulfill our design philosophy “Sound Acoustic Design” which combines technical excellence with subjective acoustic experience.

Our engineer team also dedicated to technological innovation and has invested heavily in research and development in order to keep pace with international amplifier & wireless audio technology.

Our management continually huge invests for new products development every year. At the moment we have experienced R & D group, also we are seeking more R & D staff.

With more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of sound & wireless system, HYLEX is proud to introduce a new product line of multi-function, multi-purpose & all-in-one Portable wireless sound system with a wide range from 40 Watts compact portable sound system of PA-520i series to 50 & 60 Watts PA-821P & 8416 Portable Public Address System.

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TS890 Pos Terminal of UIC Payment Terminal Manufacturer

On April 17, 2014, in Electronic Goods, by Lambert

● High Performance and Security

● Support all type of cards

● Various type of communications option for GPRS

● Certified PCI 3.0, EMV L1 & L2 ,TQM

UIC’s TS890 is a versatile payment terminal incorporating a PCI 3.0 approved PIN Pad. With integrated magnetic stripe and smart card and contactless readers, the TS890 is ready to handle your transactions. Features such as multiple payment options and advanced security technology make the TS890 the right solution for any retail or financial application across multiple industries.

Uniform Industrial Corporation (UIC) positions itself as a professional DMS manufacturer in payment industry. Since its inception in 1983, UIC has been a leading national provider of award-winning components and systems for banking, and retail solutions. The company’s simple-to-use products combine affordability, reliability, and performance to enable the most high-value and secure transactions. UIC’s innovative products have allowed fast, affordable and reliable payment products driven by unique technological developments in the payments industry. The company has branches in Fremont, CA and Frankfurt, Germany.


A HDMI Over IP and AV Over IP Products Manufacturer – Beacon

On October 4, 2011, in Electronic Goods, by Lambert

HDMI over IP is a perfect solution to extend high resolution. It includes Transmitter and Receiver. It can be used to inter-connect the Transmitter and Receiver for the high definition HDMI/DVI and KVM extension applications, like informational displays, entertainment, boardrooms, courtrooms, medical, military, and education digital signage. AV over IP is also useful in a wide range of digital signage applications that require one-to-many, many-to-many distribution such as: informational displays, corporate signage, boardrooms, courtrooms, medical, military, and education. You don’t need to have a dedicated line for the system. Just plug the transmitter and receiver into your existing Ethernet network then you can enjoy the real time high quality audio and video contents.

Beacon is the company which provides the best HDMI over IP and AV over IP products to meet your needs.



Beacon Extender Inc.
Address: 1F, No. 10, Lane 50, Sec. 3 Nan Kang Rd, Taipei City, 115, Taiwan
Tel: 886-02-27883399
Fax: 886-02-27882703
e-mail: johnnywei@beacontech.com.tw

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Go-Rock for Mini Speaker

On September 5, 2011, in Electronic Goods, by Lambert

Taiwan mini speakers provider- Go-Rock Technology Co., Ltd., established in 1999, is a professional group specializing in designing and providing 3C solution with global exclusivity in product patent and technical innovation. The product range widely integrates cables, including mini speakers, mobile speakers, bluetooth stereo headset, dolby wireless headphones, best wireless stereo headphones, and portable bluetooth speaker. We have been devoting ourselves to research of the newest and most efficient technologies, as well as innovation and development on various applications to our customers. Go-Rock truly believes delighted customers are the basis for a successful brand. We aim for nothing but excellent. For further information about our mini speaker products, please contact us without any hesitation.

Mini Speakers

Mini Speakers

Go-Rock Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: 7F., No.7, Ln. 235, Baoqiao Rd., Xindian City, Taipei County 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: +886-2-29150058
FAX: +886-2-66285000
E-mail: sales@go-rock.com

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