What is the RJ11 Connector and Where it is Used?

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RJ is the connector used in telephone wiring. RJ is the short form for ‘Registered Jack’ and it is a physical connector interface used in telephone wire terminals. There are many design standards for registered jacks and these include RJ11, RJ14, and RJ45 and so on.


An RJ11 Jack has a total number of six connector positions, but out of the many positions only two or four are utilized. The RJ connector comes in two forms – one which is the flat satin form and the other, which is the unshielded twisted pair form. It is the most common of registered jacks and is used mostly in homes and offices across North America. Since an RJ11 jack uses two out of six positions, it can be wired with a 6P2C modular jack variety. However, you should note that such jacks are rarely used.

In addition to being used in telephone wire terminals, RJ11 connectors are also used in selective ringers, anti-tinkle circuitry and in selective ringers. The powered version of RJ11 connectors, low voltage is carried by pins 2 and pin 5. The power to these pins comes from a transformer that is plugged into the wall. Four-wire cables with 6P4C plugs are used to insert telephone terminals into RJ11 jacks.


Most often, there is a comparison made between RJ11 and the RJ45 jack. RJ11 is used for the purpose of connecting telephone systems, but RJ45 is used for connecting system in a network. RJ45 jack is bigger and it can accommodate more wires that RJ11.


The RJ11 is the most common type of registered today and it is used for the purpose of terminating phone lines. They are usually used with single line POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) handset jacks. When using an RJ11 conductor, make sure to follow all instructions so that your connection with any device is done correctly.


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Useful electronic products make your life easier

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=== RF Remote Control Series by AutoMicro ===

RF Remote Control Subsystem
RF Remote Control Subsystem

This is a RF remote control subsystem with 6-button rolling code transmitter and 6 relays built inside the system. It’s the active low type. Major applications are for the garage opener, trunk release or lighting remote control. You can also use it as a general-purpose remote control system to control many applications around your home or for other hobby projects. You can add up to 15 transmitters per system.

The activated relay will be closed until you push the button again. You can use it to control a 110V or 220V AC lamp or appliance by connecting through a suitable external strong AC-relay first. Push the transmitter’s button to turn the lamp or the appliance on. Repress the button will turn it off.


=== Solar Charge Controller by PowerMaster ===



The world’s leading solar charge controller for both professional and consumer applications.
3 Stage pulse width modulated charge control.


Battery charging, load control or diversion regulation.
Highest reliability – large heat sink and conservative design enables operating at full ratings to 45°C.
More information – Internal and optional meter displays extensive system and controller information, automatic self-test and reset.
Displays can be in multi-languages.
Communications capability – RS-422 connects to a personal computer for custom settings, data logging and remote monitoring and control. (LCD meter is option)
Fully adjustable – DIP switch provides user with choice of 7 digital presets.
Additional custom settings via RS-422.
Extensive electronic protections – Fully protected against reverse polarity, short circuit, overcurrent, high temperature and overvoltage.


=== Touch Panel by Elcom Design ===

Capacitive Touch Screens

touch panel is an input device that is commonly placed in front of the display screens of instruments which require human interface. it is often used to enhance or supplement the more traditional input technologies such as membrane or silicone-rubber keys. And because of the intuitive nature of touch screens, this method has been gaining popularity over the years. Elcom Design touch panels are designed and manufactured to meet the highest level of standards, so customers are assured of reliable quality and consistent assembly schedules all the time.

Capacitive Touch Screens are all-glass panels with a transparent metallic conductive coating. electrode pattern printed along the edges which distributes a low voltage field over the conductive layer. So when a finger touches the screen and draws a minute amount of current to the point of contact, it creating a voltage drop. This current flow from each corner that is proportional to the distance of the touch point allows the location of the point of contact to be calculated by the controller.

Capacitive touch screens are much different than resistive touch screens in the way that they function. These screens are coated with those stores electrical charges. The coating is typically indium tin oxide, which allows the capacitive touch screen to continuality carry an electrical charge.

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How does RF Module work?

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RF Module(radio frequency module)

K is one of the wireless telecommunication, data, video and multimedia products manufacturers in Taiwan. Specialize in wireless video sender, wireless baby monitor and RF module. K is committed to offer high quality and cost competitive wireless video sender, wireless baby monitor and RF module products. We sincerely hope our technologies and products will be of help to you. Welcome to contact us for more product details.

RF Module Company is a leading manufacturer which specializes in broadband wireless audio and video product, ranging from 2.4GHz up to 60GHz. Based on its home-grown RF technologies, K has successfully developed a series of rf modules products, such as:

  • RF module
  • OEM RF module
  • RF AV module
  • digital audio module
  • wireless baby monitor
  • wireless digital audio
  • wireless av sender
  • wireless audio video sender
  • wireless home surveillance system
  • multiple ports AV sender
  • wireless digital media product
  • millimeter wave fixed wireless module


RF Module Series:


Picture of 2.4GHz RF Modules

2.4GHz Types of RF Module


Picture of 2.4GHz Digital Audio Modules

2.4GHz Digital Audio Types of RF Module


Picture of 5.8GHz RF Modules

5.8GHz Types of RF Module


Picture of 433MHz FSK/ASK Modules (For IR Extender)

433.92MHz FSK/ASK RF Signal Modulation (for IR Extender)


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Choosing the Best RF Remote Controls System

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Due to the different innovations in the field of technology, choosing the best RF remote controls for one’s every day needs has become quite tricky. For this reason, it is important that you look into the different factors that affect the quality of use of remote controls before you invest in a remote control system. Here are some considerations that you may use in choosing among the different choices in the market. Make sure that you look into every single one of them before you make your choice.


For one, make sure that you are fully briefed about the differences of the RF remote controls systems that you are choosing from. This is an important task to undertake, mainly because it is an integral part of choosing which one will fend for most of your needs as the user. There are different resources that you may use to learn about the different features that every remote system model has. Make sure that you have understood the differences between the models, in order for you to be able to choose the best one among the ones in the market.


Next, find out what type of purpose you will use the RF remote control system for. The best thing to go about this task is to find out what types of device you will mainly use the remote control for. Certain models work best with certain types of technology. For this reason, you better make sure that you invest your money on a remote control system that will fit your different technical needs.


You also need to look into the different location and placement issues that you would have to deal with. If you plan to use your remote control system for pieces of device that are all placed in one room, then it is imperative that you take the size of the room into consideration. For one, make sure that you will be able to control the different device from any point of the room. Most likely, you will be able to find a control system that will allow you to manipulate devices that are placed meters away, as long as there are no physical obstructions.


However, devices and appliances that are placed behind closets and cabinets are another thing. To use normal control systems for these pieces of technology, you would have to physically open the coverings prior to use. But if you have enough finds, however, you can choose to invest on more advanced remote control systems that will allow you to reach devices that are placed behind these coverings. They will cost more than the normal models, but they will be easier and more efficient to use.


Finally, choose an RF remote control system that will be very easy to manipulate. For one, you, as the owner, should be able to change the frequency and the amplification settings of the model. This will not only allow you to set the distance that you want your system to work with, but it will also allow you to restrict the controlling power that other people have over your devices.


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