The Pros and Cons to Different Gear Motors

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A gearbox is a way to increase or decrease torque, motor speed, and direction. What are the differences between gearbox types? Well, determining which kind of gear motor is most suitable for you will depend on the application you are doing. Every kind of gearbox has its own advantages and disadvantages. For further details, keep reading below for descriptions of the most common gear motors and their pros and cons.


Planetary Gears:


This gear design mimics the planetary rotation, hence the name. Planetary gear motors consist of 1-6 outer spur gears that rotate around a central gear, which is also referred to as the sun gear, and the outer gear, also known as the planet carrier.


This type of gear is compact, highly efficient, emits little noise, and provides excellent torque transmission.



  • Huge Torque Capability
  • Good Load Distribution
  • Handles Extremely Large Reductions
  • Small Size
  • High Efficiency
  • Ease Of Maintenance
  • Generally More Complex
  • High Stress On The Output Shaft Bearings
  • Thermal Limitations On Smaller Sizes



Worm Gears:


Worm gears are used in applications where large gear reductions, torque, and braking are necessary. Some of the more favorable features of worm drives are that they achieve high ratios in a single reduction, ability to handle shock loads and low noise.


One advantage that makes worm drives desirable over other gearboxes is that they have relatively few moving parts in high reduction ratios, simply two shafts – input and output – supported by four bearings.




  • Ease Of Maintenance
  • Low Noise Properties
  • Handles Large Reductions
  • Large Shock Load Capability
  • High Thermal Capacity
  • Moderate Efficiency
  • Large Package In Design
  • Relatively Expensive To Manufacture


Spur Gears:


Spur gears are the most common type of gear. These are used in the simplest of gearbox designs, making them the cheapest and most common to manufacture. Spur gears are straight cut gears that have teeth that is meshed with other spur gears to form the gearbox. This design allows the gears to decrease speed and increase torque.


While spur gears are inexpensive and common, they aren’t always the best solution, especially in cases where high torque or speed is needed. Several spur gears are needed to make large reductions. They can be very loud while in operation, and if too much stress or force is put on the gears they can easily break.




  • Inexpensive To Manufacture
  • Easy To Operate
  • Efficient And Reliable At Low Speeds
  • Require Several Gears For Large Reductions
  • Loud At High Rotational Speeds
  • Not Able To Handle Large Amounts Of Torque


Helical Gears:


Helical gears are similar to spur gears in that they are inexpensive to manufacture but have a few differences that give them an advantage. The teeth in helical gears are cut at a ‘helix’ angle to the leading edge of the gear so the gears to mesh together over the length of the helical cut. This allows for a smoother transfer of torque. Helical gears also make less noise than spur gears do.




  • Inexpensive To Manufacture
  • Easy To Operate
  • Good Torque Capacity
  • Less Noise While Operating
  • Requires Several Gears For Large Reductions
  • Higher Maintenance Costs


If you have any interest in gear motors, I recommend that you can visit the website of Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corp.


The company provides kinds of planetary gear motors, DC gear motors, and much more products. For more details, please visit Hsiang Neng: www.hsiangneng.com



Article Source: http://www.gordonrussell.com/articles-10-the-pros-and-cons-to-different-gear-motors


Treadmill Motors: What You Need to Know?

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Whether you’re looking to purchase a new treadmill or looking to update an existing one, knowing about which kind of motor to look for is vital to the success of your treadmill use. The motor is the main hub and carries the most weight mechanically. They vary in their abilities and capacities and are not all alike. It is essential to consider a few different variables with its motor before you make your treadmill purchase. This will ensure that you will bring the right treadmill home that is best-suited for your lifestyle and fitness goals.


Aside from the user, the motor does the most work in the treadmill. It is imperative that quality be assessed for long-term use, especially for more serious treadmill users. Poor quality motors are likely to overheat and require unnecessary repairs. The best way to check if your motor is a good quality motor is by checking the manufacturer warranty. A high-quality motor will have a longer warranty period and is a safer investment. In almost all of our treadmill reviews, we help you by giving the horsepower of the motor and by using the information below can determine if it is best suited for what you would use it for. One company that is known for high quality treadmill motors are Sole treadmills. They deliver a great product and stand behind it.


When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of the matter, treadmill motors are not wholly difficult to understand. Treadmill motor energy is measured in horsepower (HP) and can be sorted into three different rating systems:


  1. Peak Duty:

Generally the weakest. “Peak” stands for the peak horsepower that the treadmill will reach and no more.

  1. Treadmill Duty:

In-between peak and continuous

  1. Continuous Duty:

The highest rank. The number associated will describe how much power is maintained throughout the workout.


While many motors will claim to be of identical horsepower, it is pertinent to note that every motor is not built the same. Cheaper prices mean that the product consists of poorly made parts. Do not be swayed solely by low prices. A treadmill that originally cost $1000 or more is likely to possess a durable motor. Less expensive models are not likely to have a reliable motor installed.


Assess what kind of use the treadmill will predominantly be used for. The degree of exercise must be taken into account to make sure your treadmill motor reflects your lifestyle. Certain levels of exercise require specific amounts of horsepower; will it be for walking, jogging, running, or all three? Consider the following:


  • For walkers: a 2.0 horsepower continuous duty motor will suffice
  • For joggers: 2.5 horsepower continuous duty should be the minimum
  • For runners: 3.0 horsepower continuous duty or higher


Also note that if any of the users of the treadmill weigh over 200 pounds, HP should be increased by .5 for proper support, no matter the fitness goals. This means the HP should be at least 2.5 HP for walkers, 3.0 for joggers, and 3.5 for runners. Such precaution will extend the life of your motor.


As for sound, note that motors employing direct current (or known as DC) cause less noise compared to motors that use alternate current (also known as AC). Remember this when deciding where to place your treadmill, especially if you watch the television while you walk or run, or if the treadmill will be in a high traffic area of the home.


Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corporation is the professional manufacturer of DC treadmill motor. If you want to obtain more information about treadmill motor or other actuator motor, welcome to visit the website of Hsiang Neng to see what excellent products they can offer you!



Article Source: http://www.treadmillreviews.net/treadmill-motors-what-you-need-to-know/


Something You Need to Know about Brushless DC Motors

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Motors play an important part in lifting and running a device. They are limited to weight but high efficiency and power capacity motors can easily cover heavy weight situations. Brushless Motors are best used for quadcopters, multicopters and drones.


Choosing motors for copter projects is not an easy task, so for every selection technical specifications such as thrust, power and RPM is to be checked.


Generally, planning to prepare your own project for the first time, weight is to be considered then the thrust to lift the quadcopter. The thrust should be kept higher for proper lifting, flying and landing. According to general statistics, thrust should be kept twice the weight of the quadcopter.


Trust is kept perfect, too low might create difficulties to take off and too high become hard to control.


A light weight copter is more efficient and durable.


Additionally, the battery is also considered an important element for long life of quadcopter. Lithium polymer batteries are best suited for long run as they do not swell nor they heat up faster. Batteries should be charged when it reaches a minimum of 20 percent. Zero percent might lower the durability of the battery. Brushless DC motors accomplished high speed of 10000 RPM or above.


Brushless DC motor architecture sounds very simple and compact. A fixed armature is present in the brushless motor around which permanent magnets rotate. Brushless DC motors are best suited as they produce high torque to weight ratio, increased reliability, more torque per watt, reduced noise, no brush required, as long life, totally eliminates ionizing sparks from the commutator plus reduce electromagnetic interference. Brushless motor commutation is easily implemented using a microcontroller, analogue hardware or digital firmware by using an FPGA. Brushless commutation has greater flexibility, speed limiting, holding torque when stationary, micro stepped operation for slow or fine motion control.


Brushless motors cover a wide range of applications in the field of electronic devices which comprise of computer hard drives, DVD/CD players, refrigeration. They are also favorable to electric vehicles such as bicycle and hybrid vehicles. Users or learners can use brushless DC motor in various quadcopter, multicopter or drones adding additional accessories for a specific function. Copters help in remodeling, transferring load, surveillance, Videography and many more.


After improving its performance, again, both the coils are energized and further improved in a manner such that it pushes the rotor and energize the coils. Therefore, it results in increasing torque and power from the motor. This great achievement is seen in this motor and takes time for other type of motors to grab.


Rebeck Enterprise is the manufacturer of brushless DC motors. Our brushless DC motor, high efficiency can be applied to mechanical precision positioning. And the motor features long life time, high efficiency, low noise, low consumption, variable speed, and many more. Welcome to visit our website to learn further details about brushless DC motor, and feel free to send inquiry to Rebeck!



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How DC Micro Motors Are Being Used For Medical Application Solutions

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Today’s medical application solutions are getting smaller, not in the sense of importance, but in size. Emergency medical equipment is decreasing in size in order to become portable and usable in the field before a patient ever reaches a hospital. On the spot treatment methods can help stabilize trauma patients and save lives.


For the armed services, field medicine is of critical importance. Soldiers do not have the benefit of full hospitals when they are in a battle zone; typically, they only have access to what medical personnel can carry on their backs or in a truck. Miniaturization has enabled medics to utilize more advanced equipment outside of hospitals to stabilize wounded soldiers and save lives. One particular component that has offered new breakthrough is compact, high torque DC gear motors and DC micro motors.


Let’s take a look at how these devices are implemented and used in real situations.


Fluid Infusion Needs


The first line of treatment for trauma patients is controlled fluid infusion, but conventional units are not suitable for field use. Standard infusion pumps deliver about 100mL of liquid per hour, but a wounded soldier experiencing trauma needs liquids much faster at a rate such as 100ml per minute.


Technology Based Medical Application Solutions


The solution for field equipment to provide rapid fluid infusion for trauma patients and wounded soldiers has to be a compact, low weight, battery operated unit that runs silently and no electronic signature. The basis of the infusion pump is a DC micro motor. This battery operated, miniature high torque motor weighs in under a half of a pound and runs on six triple-A batteries for over 10 hours. These specifications are achieved through efficient operation.


The crux of the design is a unique cartridge set and disposable tube system. When one tube is being compressed, it stored potential energy. Once the tube is empty, that potential energy is recovered as the expansion of the empty tube boosts the action of rocking the yoke to the other side so that it can begin to compress the other tube. In this way, the function of using one infusion cartridge powers the second, doubling the overall flow with only a minimal increase in required power.


The Motor Solution


Of course, to deliver the infusion liquids in such a compact unit, a high torque motor is needed. To find the appropriate battery powered device, a DC micro motor is used to fit the bill. In only a 13mm DC micro motor with a 76:1 gearhead reduction ratio, the infusion pump is able to deliver a sustained 100mL per min or a quick 250mL single burst for critical situations.


The finished Power Infuser product is a base pump unit topped with a disposable cartridge. The unit weighs in less than 10 ounces and measures 5 inches by 4 inches by 2.3 inches. The infuser is able to meet a wide range of criteria and deliver high volume infusions in a compact battery operated unit. Thanks to miniaturized DC micro motors, soldiers on the field have one more tool to ensure that they get home safely.


Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1985, which is a professional manufacturer of precise DC motors and geared motors. Our main products include geared motors, planetary geared motors, mini motors, large-sized motors as well as motors for treadmills, actuators and etc. If you need more information about DC micro motor and other motors, welcome to visit Hsiang Neng’s website and feel free to contact with us.



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A DC Gear Motor Enhances Your Actuator’s Performance

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When you purchase a linear actuator, you take no chances with its quality. The same should ideally apply to the DC gear motor that is used in conjunction with linear actuators. As is the case with actuators, there is also ample choice when it comes to DC gear motors. Before you choose the final product, it is important to discuss your requirements with your chosen manufacturer. Ultimately, this will ensure that there are no hindrances in your desired applications.

The defining characters of a motor gearbox are its versatility and customization. There are several combinations in this such as DC voltage, sensor options and gear ratio.

Then again, there are gearbox options that are typically used to power most fifth wheel landing gear systems. You could choose to procure them with or without a switch and wire harness. For RV slide-out applications, there are specially designed gearboxes and they are a heavy-duty right angle drive gearbox. They are also referred to as center-drive systems. For medium duty applications, manufacturers offer worm drive and spur gear driven gearbox. To eliminate back-drive potential of actuators, you could employ gearboxes with electric brakes.

Alternatively, you could also opt for a DC gear motor that can be produced with a variety of output shaft combinations and manual crank capabilities. If you need exceedingly high levels of strength and reliability, you could also make use of an advanced gearbox that features a heavy-duty combination worm drive and spur gear drive. In addition to all these varieties, there are several manufacturers that will also offer you customized designs to meet your exacting specifications. Customization is chosen by several OEMs and contract manufacturers. By sending drawings and other specifications to the manufacturer, you can easily get a prototype and then finalize the actual product.

When you decide to use a DC gear motor in conjunction with your linear actuator, it is important to see if the housing, components and lubrication is up to the mark. This helps maximize the performance potential of the gearbox. The housing is often made with materials such as cast aluminum and bronze. The other important point to check is the energy efficiency and maintenance issues. A gearbox that is energy-efficient but requires repetitive maintenance is certainly not a good choice.

Finally, a lot depends on the experience and manufacturing capabilities of the firm you are placing an order with. It is prudent to check their background and track record over the internet before you make a final purchase decision for your DC Gear Motors.

Being a professional Technical Engineer I am always writing articles about the latest technology used in industrial usage has been my forte over the last few years. Follow my write ups to know more about the latest technologies in mechanical industry. This fall Linear Actuators, DC Gear Motor, DC Actuators are very much in demand among the mechanical industries across the world. Keep yourself updated on these products exclusively from USA.

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Aircraft Tools & Ground Equipment

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Aircraft mechanics need to use an array of specialized tools to perform repairs on aircraft structures, components and equipment. Some of the tools they use might be ones you could find in a home toolkit, but others are more unique to aircraft maintenance. These mechanics also rely on different ground equipment to provide electricity and movement to aircraft that are often immobile, without the benefit of electrical power on the flight line or runway.

Standard Mechanic’s Tools

  • Wrenches, pliers and socket sets are just s important to an aircraft mechanic as a car mechanic.
    Wrenches, pliers and socket sets are just s important to an aircraft mechanic as a car mechanic.

    Much of an aircraft mechanic’s tool kit looks like an auto mechanic’s tool kit. Screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, rubber mallets, extendable mirrors and flashlights are must-haves for most aircraft tools. Mechanics will have different variations of these tools depending on their specialties. For instance, engine and hydraulic mechanics will have very large wrenches, while electricians and avionics technicians will have precision screwdrivers.

Rivet Tools

  • Most of an aircraft’s skin and structures are secured by rivets. Mechanics don’t usually install rivets on the flight line for on-the-go maintenance. But mechanics can remove and replace thousands of rivets during an inspection. Rivets are drilled out, so mechanics need power drills. They also need pneumatic rivet guns and bucking bars to install solid rivets, and a rivet puller to install blind rivets.

Torque Wrench

  • Calibrated torque wrenches install nuts and bolts to a pre-specified tightness.
    Calibrated torque wrenches install nuts and bolts to a pre-specified tightness.

    Almost every screw-type fastener on an airplane needs to be tightened to a specific torque, from huge wing-root bolts that secure the wing structure to the fuselage to much smaller bolts that secure control valves. The only way to tighten nut or bolt to its specified torque is to use a calibrated torque wrench. A mechanic will select the appropriate wrench, dial in the correct torque setting and tighten the part.

Safety Wire Pliers

  • Safety wire pliers twist strands of metal wire into a braid to give extra security to components in high vibration areas. Mechanics tighten bolts to a specified torque, and on some bolts will insert safety wire into a predrilled hole and attach to a nearby component so that the first part is held in place by the safety wire. Small-gauge safety wire is easily installed by hand, but mechanics use safety wire pliers for heavier wire.

External Power Unit

  • Aircraft generate electricity from their engines. With engines turned off, aircraft need a supplemental form of power. Diesel-operated external power units usually supply this power. The power unit’s output will plug into an aircraft receptacle to provide power form system checks and tests, required maintenance and keeping the interior lights on when needed.

Maintenance Stands

  • Mechanics can’t reach every part of an aircraft from the ground. They use a host of mobile maintenance stands to reach wingtips, the top of the fuselage, the aircraft tail and other elevated sections. The stands usually have wheels and can be adjusted to different heights.

Powered Mobile Equipment

  • Aircraft can taxi, or drive, on the ground using engine power. But an aircraft is immobile when engine power is off. Tow vehicles, often called UKEs, attach to the nose gear of the aircraft to tow them to different locations. A deicer is another piece of self-powered mobile aircraft equipment, but it’s only used in cold and icy weather. The deicer usually has a long boom that extends a passenger bucket high into the air, so workers can use the deicer as a kind of maintenance stand to reach parts mounted high on the aircraft. Deicers and other trucks with extendable booms and passenger buckets are commonly called “cherry pickers.”

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/info_7860523_aircraft-tools-ground-equipment.html

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Superior Brushless DC Motor by Rebeck Enterprise

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Brushless DC Motor

Rebeck Enterprise was founded in late 1991 as manufacturer of brushless DC motors. We are an ISO 9001 certified organization which implements strict quality control on every stage of production. The factory is equipped with modern facilities that enables us to develop and manufacture brushless DC motor to the latest market demands. We are always in position of providing OEM solution at request of our customers except our current line of products. If we have to select two words as our slogan, responsibility and honesty are always our main concern. Guarantee in quality brushless DC electric motor products and service by taking 100% responsibility in discrepancy of delivery. Neither to sacrifice quality nor profit in obtaining order. Not to accept any order with urgent delivery time beyond our control of quality.



The Brushless DC Motor is applied to packing, medical apparatus, automation equipment and ventilation equipment. It is a synchronous electric motor which is powered by direct current electricity and which has an electronically controlled commutation system, instead of a mechanical commutation system based on brushes. In such motors, current and torque, voltage and rpm are linearly related.The motor features long life time, high efficiency, low noise, low consumption, variable speed, and many more. Send your inquiry today to rebeck.tw@gmail.com.


Electric Motor Manufacturer – Rebeck

Rebeck Enterprise was founded in 1991 as professional electric motor manufacturer in Taiwan. The electric motors which are widely used in industry of refrigeration, automation, medical apparatus and navigation. The products include asynchronous motorbrushless DC motorsPM synchronous motor,stepper motorsAC compressor and more.

The company was incorporated with guiding principle of developing and manufacturing superior electric motor products to improve customer’s profitability. The plant is equipped with comprehensive, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities which facilitates the production of electric motors. With a team of dedicated engineers, Rebeck is successfully maintaining its leading position in the motor industry through regular research and development on the latest market demands. Providing value-added products and services is the foundation of business and Rebeck has become one of the reliable name as electric motor manufacturer.

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Car Fan Motors and Car Blowers – I YUAN

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In 1986, I YUAN PRECISION INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. started in windshield washer pump. Then, in 1993 and 2004, we expanded our product lines with cooling fan (radiator fan and condenser fan) and blowers. To expand our product line and our development, we have a new product line, power window regulator.


I YUAN has been offering a wide variety of reliable quality parts in the aftermarket. As a reputable supplier and a manufacturer of condenser fan motor, car cooling fan, blower assembly, car washer pump and power window regulator, I YUAN offers the most extensive replacement line in providing OE comparable products.



Add: No.24, Dinghu Rd., Guishan Township, Taoyuan County 333, TAIWAN. R.O.C.

Tel: 886-3-3973-868

Fax: 886-3-3973-199

Email: ian wu@tiy-motor.com.tw

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The Advantages & Applications of Brushless DC Electric Motors

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If you are building an item that requires DC Electric Motors (such as an electric wheelchair, a golf trolley or even refrigeration units), one of the most reliable and longest lasting types of motors are Brushless DC Electric Motors. But why are Brushless DC Electric Motors (or BLDC’s) so desirable?

First of all, it has very few moving parts, the only thing that moves is the commutator (which is a magnet), as a result there’s very little that can go wrong. Furthermore there’s very little friction, which also increases it’s lifespan, reliably and performance, but crucially also reduces it’s noise, heat production and sparks (so they’re perfectly safe to use around petrol engines, for example).

The engine works by having three (or more, but usually three) electromagnets around the outside of the commutator, held together by a ring. The electromagnets, when switched on, then pull the opposite pole towards it, whilst repelling the similar pole. This then turns the commutator, creating a spinning motion, which is connected to a gearbox or a driveshaft, resulting in power being driven to whatever the motor is used for.

They’re used for a lot, Brushless DC Motors are used for a variety of applications, as well as the ones mentioned at the top, they’re most common usage nowadays is within the IT industry. If you’re reading this on a desktop computer, there’s probably at least 3 near you! (one in the hard drive, one in the CD/DVD drive, and one in the PC cooling fan). That’s the low end usage, whereas the high end users are items such as hybrid cars. All in all, Brushless DC Motors are here to stay!

If you are in Europe, you can buy Brushless DC Motors from Fracmo, or find out more about DC Motors (Brushless, Brushed and more) from the DC Motor Guide.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andrew_Roberts

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2174651


Brushless DC Motor of Rebeck Enterprise

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55mm Brushless DC Motor

55mm Brushless DC Motor

Rebeck Enterprise was founded in late 1991 as a specialist in electric motors, including asynchronous motor, brushless DC motor, PM synchronous motor, stepper motors, AC compressor and more. The most recommended products are brushless DC motor and AC compressor that always gathered a crowd of buyers standing in front of Rebeck’s booth in the international exhibitions. The brushless DC motors are available in Dia. 28mm, 36mm, 55mm and 60mm. In the other hands, the AC compressor motors has two types- split type and integrative type- designed according to the customers’ applications. Rebeck welcomes all your standard and customerized requests about the electric motor products.

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